The NIZAMI project is divided into 9 closely linked Work Packages (WP). For each of them, leaders have been appointed according to their respective knowledge and expertise. All activities are conducted while keeping in mind two distinct objectives : optimizing time and reducing costs. In order to produce the best outcomes and to comply with all of the needs of the partner country, each WP is led by both European and Azerbaijani institutions.

Work package leaders : University of Barcelona / University of Montpellier / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan / Khazar University / Baku State University

The first step of the NIZAMI project is for the WP leaders to produce a precise and concrete analysis of the organization of doctoral studies in Europe and in Azerbaijan.

In Europe, the University of Barcelona and the University of Montpellier relied, firstly on existing surveys, and secondly on European partners’ own experiences, to write a report giving an overview of doctoral studies. In Azerbaijan, the consortium partners, led by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Khazar University and Baku State University, with a significant involvement of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, have drawn up a report on the doctoral studies stystem in Azerbaijani Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). A critical analysis of the results, during a first meeting, has identified concrete measures to be taken, and kick-started discussions for the implementation of the project.

  • Work package 2 : Structuring of doctoral education

Work package leaders : University of Montpellier / Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Based on the reports of WP 1, different models of doctoral education systems were presented to all the Azerbaijani partners. Discussions and exchanges of expertise and knowledge, are the basis for identifying the most suitable model for Azerbaijan. As the structuring of the model is of prime importance, this WP is developed throughout the project and meetings are organized regularly in order to monitor the process and also to make necessary adjustments.

  • Work package 3 : High standards in Doctoral education

Work package leaders : Masaryk University / University of Montpellier / Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan / Azerbaijan University of Languages / Baku State University

The structuration of doctoral education is efficient only if a high level of quality of the doctoral studies is ensured. This WP aims at providing the Azerbaijani HEIs with the capacities to promote the quality of their research and to develop high standards in doctoral education, in line with European norms. Exchanges on quality recruitment, supervision and conduct of doctoral studies will be the basis for cooperation between doctoral schools, research laboratories, faculties and research institutions.

  • Work package 4 : Implementation – Development of professional skills

Work package leaders : University of Montpellier / Azerbaijan Technical University / Azerbaijan State University of Economics

This WP is dedicated to the development of the PhD students’ skills in order to develop excellence and employability, the ultimate goal being the improvement their professional skills. This WP will help to develop discussions within the partnership on how to build bridges between universities and industries, what type of funding is available, how and where to look for a job and how to enhance the doctoral studies’ offer.

Work package leaders : Uppsala University / University of Montpellier / Baku State University

The internationalization of doctoral studies concerns all aspects of international research and aims to promote cooperation and a better understanding between European and Azerbaijani HEIs. This cooperation will contribute to the development of face-to-face contacts which can lead to an increase in research collaboration, for example through the joint-supervision of theses. Besides, the set up of national and international conference days has been planned, in order to raise the international profile of research in Azerbaijan. The consortium also intends to discuss diploma recognition between European and Azerbaijani HEIs.

Work package leaders : Heidelberg University / University of Montpellier / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The NIZAMI project is constantly assessed and evaluated, in order to maintain a high quality of work, smooth project management and high quality standards in doctoral studies. Within the project, a yearly evaluation allows the coordinating team and the whole consortium to monitor the progression of the project activities. Externally, a final evaluation will be carried out by an external audit firm during the last six months of the project, and this will evaluate all actions and expenses done within the project eligibility period.

  • Work package 7 : Exploitation of the results – National Management portal

Work package leaders : University of Montpellier / Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan / Nakhchivan State University

This WP aims at highlighting examples of Management Portals for doctoral studies already in place in European universities, particularly in Montpellier, and discussing tools that could be useful for the creation and implementation of a National Management Portal in Azerbaijan as well. This portal aims to ensure the quality of the monitoring of PhD students’ and their career development in Azerbaijan: indeed, its ultimate goal is to increase the visibility of doctoral candidates’ skills towards HEIs and companies, as well as keeping track of the research conducted by the HEIs in Azerbaijan.

  • Work package 8 : Dissemination of the results – Communication

Work package leaders : University of Montpellier / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan / Azerbaijan State University of Architecture and Construction / Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

The results shall be disseminated through a practical guide for PhD students and the organization of dissemination days in Azerbaijan. These days will also allow PhD students not necessarily involved in NIZAMI partner universities to meet and get to know more about the project. The creation of a PhD student association should promote the interests of students and foster communication between them. Overall, the NIZAMI dissemination will be done both within and outside the consortium thanks to an Internet website, consisting of the key elements of the project and the project news.

Work package leader : University of Montpellier / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

This WP is dedicated to the day-to-day management and coordination of the project. This includes all financial and management aspects within the consortium. Several tools are being developped and dedicated to the project management. The coordinator (University of Montpellier) is in charge of formalizing the management of the consortium with a Partnership Agreement, and is responsible for all reporting aspects to the consortium as to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).